Mah Jongg Set for the visually impaired (Out of Stock & discontinued)



Visually impaired Mah Jongg Set for  Western (American)  play includes large tiles measuring 1 1/2″ x 1″ x 1/4″ As a comparison, standard tiles measure 1 1/8″ x7/8″x 1/2″ The tiles in this set are larger but thinner which makes the set itself lighter to carry. The set comes in one of  our new soft black bags with shoulder straps. The set  includes a Velcro closure for the tile tray with a lid that holds the tiles you need to start playing right away. You get 152 large tiles plus extra jokers, flowers and blanks.  Also included  are 3 large dice, a bettor, chips, racks ( Clear or clear color)with Velcro closure plus our sliders(pushers that do not attach to the racks)and the standard instruction manual which comes with all sets.

Because everyone’s level of vision impairement is different, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use the set. We started offering the sets for the visually impaired over 15 years ago since the owner of FUN WITH MAH JONGG is visually impaired herself. We have made a number of improvements over the years to make this set lighter, more affordable than the original set and easier to use. Note: In building the wall please keep in mind that you have to make allowances for the fact that the tiles are larger. The sliders make it easier to build and push out the wall with these tiles but you still cannot stack 19 tiles. You can stack 17 tiles one on top of the other and the remaining 2 tiles can be stacked either at the end or the beginning of the wall. Because this set is a special order item and is NON- REFUNDABLE AND NON-RETURNABLE PLEASE CALL US PRIOR TO ORDERING WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS YOU MAY HAVE TO MAKE SURE IT WILL FIT YOUR NEEDS      (561)308-1278
Posted July 23, 2018


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